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Richter Christian Ztm.

Richter Christian

Born  1972 in Grieskirchen

1987 Training for the aircraft manufacturer

1989 - 1993 training as a dental technician and then compulsory military service

1995 - 2000 journeyman years in various businesses with emphasis on ceramics, electroplating, implant restorations, public relations, personnel management, laboratory management

2000 master's certificate

2000 - 2004 deepening of the individual techniques, training in the CAD-CAM technology, esthetic anterior restorations, making implant restorations overall technical

2004 founding of the laboratory Richter innovative dental technology

2004 Member of the Health Cluster in Upper Austria

2004 foundation of the training and reference laboratories for KaVo Everest System Austria (CAD-CAM)

2005 - 2006 lecturer and laboratory training for KaVo Everest system, focus on CAD-CAM zirconia and titanium processing

2006 - 2007 Specialization in CAD-CAM manufacturing techniques and implant dentistry. Introduction of virtual 3D implant planning. Editorial consultant and author of professional articles in "Pro Dental"

2008 Expansion of the lab and expansion of the service. Renewal of the CAD-CAM technology, planning and development of treatment approaches to dental surgeons, publication of technical papers in journals: Pro Dental, DZW, International Products for China, KAVO Directory, business news Danube

2008 - 2009 training diploma from the Upper Chamber of Commerce for dentistry

2009 Pegasus nomination for companies up to 50 people. In the final decision among the top 10 companies

2009 Expansion into a new CAD / CAM system with Nobel Biocare.

2009 Nobel Procera beta-testing laboratory for NobelBiocare with enrollment in Mahwah New Jersey USA.

2009 Expansion into a second system for navigated implantology with Messrs. Hafner med 3D and company Altec Camlog Full Guided implant.

2009 extend and apply the navigated implantology implant dentistry and their restorations.

2010 Member of ÖGI (Austrian Society of Oral Implantology in Dentistry, Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery

2010 Speaker for Nobel Biocare in Austria / Switzerland Symposium