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Production of aesthetic, functional prosthesis with biocompatible materials with the latest innovative technology.

Holistic views as healthier life, lifestyle, wellbeing, confidence and success through a series of shimmering perlengleicher teeth - these are the requirements of a product in today's dentures.

The prosthesis, which is in the house of judges, magistrates, innovative dental technology is produced, bio-compatible and functionally and to distinguish the perfect aesthetics, not more of their own teeth.

Looking at the word dental exactly, it is composed of two areas:
The tooth = the art to imitate nature and technology = implement the means that allow an art.

The word "innovative means" renewal, innovation, invention, production of a new relationship (especially in sociology, economics and technology). This symbiosis with patients, the treating dentist and the dental Richter Innovative technology, the aim of the company judge.